I want to get started out on the right foot and be honest. I created Squats & Polish as motivation for myself to maintain a healthy lifestyle – to keep up with my workouts and remind myself to nourish my body with clean, good food. I’ve followed several health/fitness/food/lifestyle blogs for a few months now and they have all guided me along my way so far. I think I’ve learned quite a bit, but I feel like I’ve sort of hit a plateau. I’m hoping this blog will help me stay motivated (I’m not going to lie and post something I didn’t actually do! Sooooo I’ll have to actually be productive). I really hope it will eventually be an inspiration for others to keep motivated once I learn more and can guide others in the right direction.

I always thought that I have lived a pretty healthy life. I’ve been below-average to average regarding weight my whole life, but I have not been healthy by any means. I’ve eaten foods that are incredibly bad for my body (um helloooo bowl after bowl of creamy pasta!) and I would be winded after walking up the stairs to class. I realized that just because I wasn’t overweight did NOT mean I was healthy. After reading a few blogs and doing a bit of my own research, I know I can live a much healthier life, which in turn leads to a much HAPPIER life. And isn’t that what we all want? Join me on my journey and let’s strive towards a healthier and happier life.

Oh and the name? Even though this blog will heavily involve fitness, I wanted a girly element still. Squats are one of my favorite exercises + I basically feel naked without nail polish on = Squats & Polish. :)

xoxo, Michelle

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